" Even the devil – himself– can't come up with such ideas "

That's what one person had to say about THIS book:


How to Make Someone Fall In Love With You.


Which is based on the psychology of falling in love.


However, you're probably wondering....


Can this really be true? Can I make someone fall in love with me even If they don't like me?


The short answer is yes. Let me explain....


In order for someone to fall in love with you, you first have to satisfy their psychological unmet needs.


Each one of us has certain unmet needs that they developed as they grew up.


Those needs are like wounds that never heal and they motivate us to do almost everything that we do in life.


Some people die for attention, others do anything to feel loved while a third group might want someone to love them for who they are.


When you start presenting yourself to someone as the one who can help them satisfy their core psychological needs then they will have no option but to fall in love with you madly.


After that happens, the next step is to make sure that they think about you more regularly.


... And you know what happens when they think about you more regularly?


They become OBSESSED with you.


By doing simple subconscious mind programming techniques you can get any person to keep thinking about you all day.


If you have managed to get them to that stage of obsession, then you've already succeeded in making them fall in love with you.


Sounds great, right?


Now, I realize that ALL of this sounds immoral, unethical, and flat-out WRONG.


(Many people said that to me)


However, I realize that some people may use this book for evil purposes.


I swear that is not my intention, my aim behind writing this book is to help married couples restore love back in their relationship and to help those who are serious about a long-term relationship.


If your intentions are to cause harm or to manipulate an innocent person into falling in love with you–just to feed your ego, then please don't buy this book.


Use it wisely, please


My aim behind writing this book is to help married couples to restore love back to their relationships and to help those who are serious about a long term relationship, with marriage as its main goal.


If your intentions are finding a girlfriend or fooling someone into falling in love with you then this book is not for you.


I am not responsible for the problems that might arise upon misusing this information.


The reason I had to write such a harsh disclaimer is because this is not an ordinary book; it’s a weapon that can either be used in good or evil.


If other books, ones talking about how to make someone fall in love with you, are guns then this book is the nuclear bomb of them all!!


May God witness my intention behind writing this book; to cause no harm to humanity.


Number of pages: 84 Pages. More than 70 effective techniques, direct and to the point, no useless pages or out of topic ones. No intuitive tricks, No traditional advice and no facts that aren't backed by solid research.


Rs.280 Rs.370 Rs.520.99 Rs.620 (the price will go up again because i am still thinking that i am selling too valuable information for a very low price)

P.S: The book price went up three times in few months and it will still go up many more times, buying today will save you some money. The price may double by the end of this month.

Format: pdf, e-book

Language : English , Telugu .

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